The color of your teeth or the unwanted stains on your teeth might prevent you to smile. Don't worry, we at Toothy's Dental Solutions near Masab Tank in Hyderabad have an efficient and cost-effective solution for that problem. Bleaching bring backs the original white glow to your teeth and would allow you to smile without any concern of your teeth appearance. This process guarantees immediate and effective results. This process is performed at our clinic and that too at an affordable rate that can help you enhance the appearance of your teeth by giving back the white shine that it deserves to boost your confidence level while you smile.

The root of this problem is the stains that develop on the teeth by performing our routine activity like drinking tea, coffee or things with excessive fluoride. Sometimes excessive use of wine, tobacco or alcohol also causes the stain appears to be more visible and this causes some serious doubt in your mind while you want to smile. That becomes the major reason why people opt for whitening of the teeth. We provide this teeth whitening service based on the intensity of the stain on your teeth. The whitening of the teeth can be done by the use of the bleaching paste or the powder of sometimes other high-grade techniques that can give you the result you wanted and that can brighten up your smile in a more effective way. The expert professional dentist at our clinic possess decades of experience in this field that can help them understand and perform this procedure in an effective way. To understand this technique in more complex jargon, the teeth whitening done with the help of peroxide lets the peroxide spread through the enamel that on oxidation causes the brightness of the teeth to increase drastically and which becomes visible. To remove that stain and achieve the perfect blend of the brightness of your teeth, book an appointment with us or visit our clinic for more information.

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  • The Dental Specialists, we believe in specialization and while all our dentists do all round work.
  • A healthy smile is an indication of wellness. It reflects self esteem and bounding spirit and vitality.
  • The well balanced teeth and related structures is of prime importance in maintaining quality of life.
  • A highly experienced team of cosmetic dentists and dental surgeons specializing in implants and other complex dental treatments.