Lingual Braces

Millions in Billion requires the help of the Braces to align the crooked teeth their beautiful smile. Many suffer from low self-esteem due to those improperly arranged teeth. Braces are useful in tacking that but few also avoid using traditional metal or ceramic braces. They feel uncomfortable due to the high noticeability of those braces around the teeth. To tackle that problem, We at Toothy's Dental Plus Clinic provide you all with Lingual Braces. These braces are preferred by many as it is placed on the back of the teeth. Lingual braces are practically invisible and that's the reason many choose them.

Many avoid the use of the traditional braces as they are highly visible or sometimes visible to some end and that makes them uncomfortable to wear those in order to align the misaligned teeth and they have to suffer from inferiority complex due to the oddly arranged teeth and they have to restrict themselves from smiling freely.

For those type of patients who shy away from the use of the traditional braces, lingual braces are for those individual. These lingual braces are placed behind the teeth to conceal them from the naked eyes and allow the teeth to arrange themselves in a proper way. The lingual braces use wire and a bracket system to gradually pull the teeth into the desired position to give them the even structure.

Some of the times the brackets used in the lingual braces are of the custom made and not of the standard type so as to place them in accordance with the desired effect. These lingual braces are provided by our expert dentist that have years of experience in this field so as to provide the effective and efficient service in the process of arranging the teeth in a proper way so as the individual can smile with confidence. To avail our service of the lingual braces, visit us at our clinic or book an appointment with us.

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