Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces which are used commonly are made up of stainless steel and at times with combination of titanium.

These metallic braces are placed at frontal aspect of you teeth.

If patients are having problem with esthetics no worries metallic braces can also be placed at lingual surface (inner surface) of tooth leaving zero visibility they are also called as LINGUAL BRACES limited only for few cases.


To align that misaligned teeth, many orthodontists still prefers the traditional Metal Brushes. We at Toothy's Dental Solutions located in the city of Hyderabad provides an effective and cost-effective service of aligning your teeth via Metal Braces. These traditional Metal Braces are still preferred by a majority of Dentists as it provides an effective control to align the teeth in small and controlled increment at a time. Also, Metal Braces costs less than other options.

The structure of the teeth might be uneven and that might hinder you to smile with confidence. The expert dentist that performs this process of placing metal braces at our clinic have years of quality experience that helps them to perform efficiently and place the metal braces that aligns the teeth structure and converts the uneven alignment of the teeth in perfect alignment so that you can smile with confidence and have healthy gums. Traditional braces are more than effective in aligning the teeth to an even arrangement. Also, this option is one of the less expensive ones and also very cost-effective which is the reason most of the patients opt for this option in aligning their teeth. Other than these benefits, metal braces are well known to withstand higher levels of forces as compared to ceramic braces. Many prefer this metal braces due to this type of benefits.

We at toothys dental plus clinic located in the city of Hyderabad provides an effective metal braces placement to align the misaligned teeth in a cost-effective way. For more information regarding the metal braces, feel free to contact us or book an appointment at our clinic.

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