Pulp Therapy

Toothy's Dental Clinic located in the city of Hyderabad provides an efficient and cost-effective Pediatric Dentistry service via Pulp Therapy. The 'Pulp' is the central part of the tooth which contains nerves, tissue, and many blood vessels. A tooth gets the Vital nutrients and oxygen from those. The problem in pulp arise when in the kids when their teeth start to decay or there is a severe injury to teeth that leads to exposure of the pulp or inflammation.

Pulp Therapy focuses on treating and restoring that affected tooth. Our expert pediatric dentist performs this Pulp Therapy on both primaries (baby) teeth and permanent teeth. Although the primary teeth are temporary, these teeth are important for proper chewing and speech production in the initial years. When the pulp decays, problems begin to arise and it requires to perform the Pulp Therapy to counter those problems.

Our experienced pediatric dentist initially examines the problem with the help of visual examinations and if necessary, they will take help of the X-Ray of the affected area to evaluate the problem effectively to provide an effective solution to that pulp decay. After determining the scale of the decay and its perfect location, the nature of the treatment is determined. The diseased pulp is removed during the procedure of the pulpectomy and then the canals are treated and cleansed. After that, the canal is then disinfected with the proper solutions and then it is packed with re-absorbable material.

The packaging depends upon the type of teeth being treated. It varies if the teeth are permanent. After completing this procedure, the crown is placed on that tooth to complete the procedure and get rid of that decay. This procedure is performed by our expert pediatric dentist that have years of quality experience that helps to perform the procedure more effectively and get rid of the decayed pulp to relieve the patient from the constant pain due to that decay.

If your child is complaining about the pain in the teeth or somewhat sensitive to warm and cold food temperatures, then kindly visit us at our clinin or book an appointment.

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