Teeth Whitening

The ultimate Dental Procedure to give your teeth the natural pearly white glow. We at Toothy's Dental Solutions, located near Masab Tank, Hyderabad, provides a particularly effective service in Whitening of your teeth and giving back the natural white glow, that they were meant to. Now, while smiling you might not have to be conscious about the yellow or pale glow that your teeth might have.

The procedure of Teeth Whitening is not so complicated as one may think or feel but this procedure is simple that can be completed in one to two visits or more are preferred by you. With our procedure, your teeth will be several shades lighter. The procedure of Teeth Whitening is a permanent treatment but the teeth tend to pick up the stains over a longer period from the things you eat or drink.

The procedure that we employ for teeth whitening includes many techniques which include In-Office Bleaching, Stain Removal Toothpastes, and also with Home whitening Kits. We also use ZooM2 whitening system to make your teeth white. This procedure is simple and requires only 45 to 60 minutes to have perfectly white teeth. The lips are covered with a napkin after we use a retractor to hold the lips away from the teeth. We also use the coating and place them over the gums to protect it while the whitening procedure is going on. After that whitening gel is placed on the teeth and the teeth are exposed to the zoom light which gives the whiteness to the teeth. This procedure is simple and yet effective to its core as it gives the teeth the perfect whitening.

Some people may find that their teeth have suddenly become sensitive to the cold during or after the treatment or Some people might also face some discomfort in the gums. Sometimes there will be white patches visible on the gum line but these all are the temporary side effects of this treatment. We also provide another Laser-assisted bleaching that is of the state of the art procedure that gives the best results. It is a very effective procedure to whiten the teeth. This procedure and many others that we provide whiten the teeth to make them appear beautiful.

Simply, Book an Appointment and visit our Dental Clinic to have a glowing and beautiful smile.

Our Features Services

  • The Dental Specialists, we believe in specialization and while all our dentists do all round work.
  • A healthy smile is an indication of wellness. It reflects self esteem and bounding spirit and vitality.
  • The well balanced teeth and related structures is of prime importance in maintaining quality of life.
  • A highly experienced team of cosmetic dentists and dental surgeons specializing in implants and other complex dental treatments.